Finance and rentals

Fremco Inc. knows that large capital investments can often strap your company's resources, but financing options can quickly and easily help you acquire the equipment you need without tying up your valuable capital or credit card availability.
Finance options 

We have partnered with Quail Financial Solutions to finance your fiber blowing purchases.

  • Minimum purchase of $10,000 – no maximum
  • “Application Only” available up to $500,000. Additional bank statements, proof of time in business, etc. may be required depending on overall credit strength.
  • If personal guaranty is required, there is only a “soft pull” on your credit (no inquiry will show and it will not affect your credit score).
  • Terms are offered from 12 to 84 months
  • Approval is fast and easy. Electronic documents (E-docs) will be emailed to you and once executed, a Purchase Order will be issued and your order processed.
Rental options 

Sometimes it makes more sense to rent the needed machine for your project. Renting also allows you to fully test out a machine before you commit to a purchase. 

We have selected distributors in the US which also offer rental options: 

No need for tools 

Configuration and installation with our machines can be deployed without any usage of tools. This makes every fiber blowing job more effective as the machine can quickly be changed to blow different sizes of fiber/cable and ducts.

Easy configuration 

With attention to user-friendly design, our machines have a minimum number of loose parts making it possible to configure the machine in only a few minutes. This makes it possible to reach several fiber blowing jobs per day.

Competitive pricing

The development of our machines are made with the customer in mind. The machines are great quality, and with no unnecessary, expensive features. Our extended warranty and service agreement up to 60 months creates a great cost-benefit.

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