Become an official fremco distributor and a part of our global distributor Family.
We are proud to have competent distributors all over the world. We treasure local knowledge and availability, which is why we sell our machines through selected distributors. Learn more about the benefits of our distributor concept below.

benefits of being a fremco distributor

  • Part of a global Fremco Family
    Being a part of the Fremco distributor concept, gives you a community/familiy across borders. Here you can network with other companies from the same industry. You can always get support directly from Fremco, where we aim to create lucrative business for all parties involved.
  • Access to Fremco Academy
    Fremco Academy is our unique training and education platform into Fremco machines and fiber blowing knowledge. All our distributors are certified. We give you continued training from the first day you become an official distributor.
  • Part of Fremco quality and get a great return of investment
    We have manufactured fiber blowing machines since 1996 – and our first machines are still functioning and working in the field. When becoming a Fremco distributor, you become a part of the Fremco brand. This means we can offer quality products that are competitively priced, giving you a possibility to optimize your business as well as your customers' businesses.
  • Innovative product development based on the needs of our customers
    Our machines are developed to fit the end customer's needs and demands. Our machines are simple and easy to use and they have minimal loose parts. This makes every fiber blowing job more effective as the machine can quickly be changed to blow different sizes of fiber/cable and ducts. This makes it possible to reach several fiber blowing jobs a day.
  • 3-day delivery time
    You can always expect that we will pack and dispatch your order in 3 working days from final order confirmation. This is the fastest delivery time in the business.
  • Your best partner
    We strive towards being your best partner, meaning that our fiber blowing solutions and the investment in a Fremco fiber blowing machine makes a substantial contribution to our customer's business - whether you are a distributor, contractor or installer. We are also the first manufacturer to offer extended warranty and service agreement up to 60 months on all our fiber blowing machines.

How to be part of the distributor concept?

To become a Fremco distributor and gain the above benefits, please contact us directly.

KEvin Bernard

Technical Sales Manager

+1 (334) 655-8147


Charles Gibson

Technical Sales Manager

+1 (770) 294-2373

Fremco distributor network

To make sure our end customers gets the best local service and experience, we sell our machines through selected distributors situated around the world. At the moment, we have more than 40 official Fremco distributors offering local service and knowledge to our end customers.
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