Protects the machine and creates better work environment. Introducing the portable work station

Benefits with the box

  • Better, ergonomic working height
    It is designed for a better work posture during the fiber blowing job, sparing your back.
  • Quality protection of your machine
    Made from lightweight but strong and robust materials that protect the machine during transportation.
  • Secure and fixed machine during installation
    Designed with special foot rests for fixation of the machine.
  • Drawer with lock for tools and valuables
    Avoid loosing parts in the field and have an easy access to adaptor plates, manual etc.

The Portable work station will be a standard feature included in the purchase of MiniFlow RAPID, PowerFlow RAPID and MultiFlow RAPID. It will also be possible for you to purchase it for your current machines.

Learn more about the portable work station and how to transform it from a transport box.

Same quality transport box also as a standard feature for the FTTH machines

The same quality and protective transport box will also be included as a standard in the purchase of NanoFlow MAX, MicroFlow LOG and MicroFlow TOUCH. They will also be possible to purchase seperately.

Learn more about NanoFlow MAX, MicroFlow TOUCH and/or MicroFlow LOG.

Interested in knowing more? Please contact your local reseller.

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