Have you seen DuctRod RAPID?

Built to push a duct rod into an underground duct. This hydraulic driven duct rodder is especially designed to assist in rodding operations.

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Extended warranty up to 60 months

The most expensive machine is the one not in use. You can purchase a service agreement with up to 60 months extended warranty together with your machine.

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  • EasyFlow SMART

    EasyFlow SMART

    Fully automatic fiber blowing machine that secures reliable optical fiber blowing. Designed for cable from 4-16 mm.

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  • DuctRod RAPID

    DuctRod RAPID

    Designed to push a duct rod into an underground duct. It is equipped with a flexible clamping unit, allowing you to attach the machine to the sidewall of the manhole securing more stable installation.

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  • NanoFlow MAX

    NanoFlow MAX

    Small but powerful fiber blowing machine, which can blow both blown fibre (EPFU) and micro/nano cables. Tested in accordance to IEC standards.

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Fremco continues to develop the best products in close collaboration with customers, duct manufacturers and cable manufacturers worldwide.

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